Outsourcing has become one of the most powerful management tools today. Labor and resource intensive tasks such as application development, re-engineering, testing, etc can be effectively outsourced by companies.

A significant number of companies have started or are in the process of using this offshore model and Romania has emerged as a major destination for several reasons:

  • skilled IT specialists are available
  • the rates are substantially lower than those in North America and Western Europe
  • high quality products delivered quickly
  • As an informative cost : the average price for an hours work of one of our developers is 15 Eur + VAT.

    Our outsourcing prices policy is a flexible one. Large projects that require many hours of work will benefit of important discounts.

    We will be glad to work for you and aid you by providing high software quality. Please contact us using the contact section and we will provide an answer in 24 hours. We look forward on working on your side.